Touché by Flavien



What makes Touché by Flavien special?

Touché by Flavien is an innovative, luxury hair brand created by Flavien Abbas, celebrity hairdresser and Senior Art Director for Harrods’ Urban Retreat. Flavien’s first creation is an exceptional new range of luxurious hair care products, a clever combination of the purest, most coveted natural ingredients given a sophisticated, sexy twist, premiering at Harrods in June 2012.

It is unique in the way it approaches premium hair care, offering the most pure and precious of formulations with serious scalp and hair benefits wrapped in an exotic jasmine fragrance and presented in sleek, glossy, chic bottles. This is hair care for sophisticates.

Touché is offered by scalp type, rather than hair type. Flavien believes hair cannot grow to its full potential if the scalp is not in optimum health and has created an extremely effective and desirable care range to ensure this is the case. The secret ingredient at the heart of the range is the rare and costly “opuntia ficus indica oil”, also known as prickly pear oil or cactus fruit oil. Rarely used due to its scarcity and high price, it takes one million seeds and 36 hours just to produce one litre of this precious oil.

The benefits of prickly pear oil are numerous: containing double the amount of fatty acids, fibre and protein than argan oil and extremely rich in natural vitamin E, this valuable ingredient is a natural anti-oxidant, has cell rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties and has a high moisture content. It is used generously in all six products to make a real difference to the condition of the hair and, most importantly, the scalp; resulting in enviably luxurious glossy locks.

Combined with other ingredients, including argan oil, sesame seed oil, goji berry, cashmere and keratin, this is luxury haircare at its most advanced and over 90% of the products’content originates in natural ingredients. Created in conjunction with a top bio-chemist in

Champagne, France, Flavien’s lengthy research and development programme has resulted in a unique collection of products, made even more special by the application of soluble oil technology, which ensures the greatest possible care, protection and nourishment for both hair and scalp.

Touché by Flavien products are lightly scented with the natural fragrance of exotic jasmine oil, more usually found in perfumes. The six-strong line up comprises shampoos, conditioners and an intensive treatment, which are all available in both full size and handy travel sizes. Launching June 2012 at Urban Retreat the range will also available from, and