Touché by Flavien



Touché by Flavien is a collection of six products.

What makes Touché special? It's the core ingredient, the precious and costly "opuntia ficus indica oil", also known as prickly pear oil or cactus fruit oil, not often used due to its scarcity and high price.

The benefits of prickly pear oil are numerous : it is naturally rich in vitamin E and is a natural antioxidant, it is cell rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory, and it has a high moisture content. It is used generously in all six products.

The Touché shampoos and conditioners are lightly scented with the natural fragrance of jasmine oil, more usually found in perfumes.


Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage into scalp, rinse.

Three oil soluble shampoos; these protect the hair and cancel out the drying qualities needed to wash it; the prickly pear oil contains twice as much fatty acid, fibre and protein as the more commonly used argan oil, which is also amongst the shampoo ingredients.  


Apply to wet hair, massage in slowly and thoroughly, then completely rinsed out.

These are designed to promote and maintain healthy hair.